Fostering Education.

“I am fully committed to working with the districts on an ongoing basis to ensure their needs are met. We owe it to the next generation of South Dakotans to provide them with the highest quality education possible.”

-Jon Hansen, Daily Republic, 2010

Jon sees education as an investment into the future of South Dakota.  That means, like all good investments, education should be properly funded to ensure that South Dakota students have the opportunity to excel.

Jon believes that families should have the opportunity to send their child to a school that will help their child achieve at the highest level.  That’s why Jon supports every effort to broaden school choice for parents. Jon will also ensure that parents have the freedom to homeschool and will fight to ensure that scholarships and other opportunities provided to public school children are also available to non-public and homeschooled students.

If elected, Jon will work to ensure all South Dakota students obtain an exceptional education and are able to pursue a fulfilling and prosperous life and career.