Decreasing the State Budget and Taxes.

What qualifications do you possess to be a state lawmaker?

“I am a small, limited government, low tax, fiscal conservative. I think every candidate should meet those philosophical qualifications before being considered to handle our money in our state government.”

-Jon Hansen, Daily Republic, 2010

Jon has worked to ensure good stewardship of our state tax dollars.  Facing an unprecedented $127,000,000 budget deficit due to the Great Recession, Jon said that he would vote to balance the budget without raising taxes—and that’s what he did.  Jon made sure the state government lived within its means rather than take more from South Dakotans. Jon also fought against fee increases and other bills that were bad for family farmers.

If elected, Jon will continue to work to reduce the burden that taxes and fees place on all South Dakotans.

In times of economic prosperity, Jon is not satisfied with simply balancing the budget.  Instead, Jon will work to further reduce taxes, build our emergency reserve funds, or invest in projects which will benefit future South Dakotans.